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Robin's Child Care Policy

  • Please sign in and out daily.

  • Children with contagious illness or fever will need a doctor note prior to the child returning back to the facility due to our concern for the other children’s health.

  • Children with minor colds, such a clear runny nose, are acceptable.

  • Children that have been out for vomiting, diarrhea or fever must stay home for 24 hours with none of the above before returning to the program.

  • Based on child’s age, children must have their immunization records on file in Robin’ child care home.  There is a 30 day grace period to obtain all pertinent immunization records.

  • 6Always send a change of clothes to the child are for your child’s comfort.

  • Please bring a full supply of diapers and wipes.  You will be charged $2.00 per diaper until your supplies are brought in & $3.00 per box of wipes, disposable only.

  • Please supply bibs and bottles already made if needed.

  • Child care is provided for school age children during school holidays.  Their will be an additional $20.00 a day fee added to your weekly rate.

  • Child care hours are from 7:00am to 6:00pm.  A late fee of $2.00 per minute will begin at 6:01pm.  Payable immediately!  Please be considerate, by bringing and picking up your child on time

  • Parents arriving after 9:00am will need to find alternate care unless previous arrangements have been made with me.

  • A balanced Breakfast will be served as well as nutritional from 7:30am untill 8:30am.  Breakfast stops at 8:30am

  • Please call if your child is going to be absent from the program.

  • Your help is appreciated by insuring that your child doesn’t bring toys, money, gum or food to his/her Child care home.

We will give medication to children provided by you.  A medical release must be completed and signed along with permission from the doctor.

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